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La consola de juegos Xbox de tercera generación de Microsoft, lanzada el 22 de noviembre de 2013.

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Xbox One Coil Whine and Overheating

I recently bought a used Xbox One and it was very cheap due to the noise it makes. When I bought it I thought it was a fan but with further inspection I found the fan to be perfectly fine and not causing any issues. I came to the conclusion that the issue was cool whine to which I couldn’t test because the coil I believe is under the heat sync. I tried to get the heat sync off but even after removing the screws underneath the chassis, I couldn’t seem to remove it. After beginning to set up the Xbox, and start to download games, the Xbox shuts itself off. When I wait about 5/10 minutes for it to boot back up, it tells me it overheated. I’m fine with the coil whine, I don’t really care about the noise, but I can’t play my Xbox if it overheats just downloading things. Anyone know what could be the issue/what I can do to fix it?

Update (01/10/2020)

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I had a very similar issue.

I put in a blue-ray disk and went to pause it, but hit stop by accident. My Xbox froze and so I turned it off and back on. This led to whats known as the black screen of death.

Fixes include a hard restart where you hold the power button until it turns off and then you turn it back on. I unplugged it until the power light on my power brick went out. I even power cycled the xbox by both the power button and the outlet. Nothing worked.

A lot of times when an electronic system freezes it is a sign of overheating, which if you read other forums that tends to be the case. Even earlier answers involve reducing the stress on the system by unplugging drives.

So to fix the issue indefinitely

1. Open the xbox case via diagrams and instructions

2. Remove the motherboard in order to get to the pressure plate that holds the cooler down.

-You will need a small screwdriver to pull the plate off.

3. Remove the cooler from the CPU.

-You will notice that the heat sink paste will look like dried play-doh.

3. Clean old heat sink paste off with rubbing alcohol (90% preferred), both the cooler and CPU.

4. Apply new thermal paste to the CPU.

-Either a drop the size of a pea or use the spreader that comes with the paste to cover the entire cpu.

5. While the Xbox is apart blowout dust from the entire case with compressed air meant for computers.

6. Put it back together and turn on.

This will resolve most Black screens of death.

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