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La computadora de escritorio Macintosh original, inicialmente lanzada como "Apple Macintosh" en 1984.

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Macintosh Classic not booting to Hard Drive (SCSI)

Hello there,

I recently bought a Vintage Macintosh Classic Computer from eBay and when I first booted the machine up, It booted normally to the Hard Drive.

However a few hours later, i booted it up again (4th Boot I think) and it suffered the checkered board screen failure. Then I turned off the computer and then turned it on (kinda panicked when I saw the screen failure). Then after that, it booted normally, only to learn that in the next boot, it got stuck in the blinking floppy disk question mark which it has been doing so ever since.

Now I’m fully aware about this issue, i’ve reset the PRAM and attempted to boot to ROM. It seemed to boot to ROM fine, its just not the HDD, I have some valuable games and office apps there on the Hard Drive (I have no game and application floppy disks, just system and utility ones) and I totally don’t want to lose them.

So I don't know whats happened. I know the fact that the capacitors and speaker are failing but this is an issue I am suffering. I am somewhat new to vintage Macs so I am kind of aware of the dangers of opening a old Mac and discharging the CRT before working.

I’ll provide more information if needed.



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Examine the capacitors for leakage and or swelling. is the authority on these. He has rebuilt and couple of boards for me. Also replaced the RAM on one. He’s slow but does fine work.

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