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Delonghi ESAM 4500 dead - chip burnt?

Hi all,

Yesterday I opened my coffee machine to give it a good clean. This is not the first time I’m doing this, but this time I forgot to remove the power plug. After removing some wires there was a short. I immediately removed the power plug. After some time I tried to turn on the machine, but nothing on the screen. I also hear nothing working like the gears etc..

I looked at the mainboard and saw that one chip was broken, I think this one is burn after the short, is this possible? Could the machine not work because of the broken chip? And is it possible to replace the chip with a new one. The chip; PIC18F452

Thanks in advance.

Block Image

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That is the microcontroller chip so if that failed the unit probably wouldn’t work at all. It could theoretically be replaced but it may have been customized for Delonghi. The part number for the whole board is 5232120900. I’d contact Delonghi to see if it’s available. Their parts site says it’s “not available for resale”.

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I replaced the mainboard but still there is no sound or something on the dispay. What else could be broken in the machine?

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