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Teclado/cubierta para iPad Pro, anunciado el 9 de septiembre y lanzado a mediados de noviembre de 2015. Modelo A1636.

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Which pin connects with which part of the fabric?

When viewing the tear down I saw that the repairability is 0/10.

My Smart Keyboard is acting up (it shows the device is being charged when I connect the keyboard to the iPad) and thus lead to poor keyboard performance (repeated keystrokes and malfunction).

After some research I believe that their might have been something wrong with the “conductive fabric” which causes poor connectivity. So, I’m planing to wire the contact pin to the deeper part of the fabric to remedy the wear and tear on the hinge part.

Problem is I have no idea which part of the fabric is connect to which pin, and I have no x-ray image to reference to.

If I can get this information, I may be able to salvage the keyboard in some way.


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I don’t think your issue is the fabric its self. You may have an issue at the connection points to the fabric if you have bent the keyboard snapping the plastic keyboard base or magnetic anchor plate. As long at you haven’t done that your issue is deeper within the circuitry within the keyboard its self. There are a bunch of components in the top left:

Block Image

Top center:

Block Image

And lastly the top right

Block Image

And here’s the full view of the keyboard:

Block Image

Unless you have the skills to microsolder these very tiny components (and access to replacements if needed) I don’t think resuscitation is possible for your poor keyboard ;-{

Truly! iFixit’s score is a good framework of repairability. Yes, Apple’s designs as of late are less and less serviceable!

Just like an egg you can’t get to the innards without breaking the shell and once you do you can’t put it back together again.

Sadly, its time for a new keyboard ;-{

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Thank you very much for your prompt reply. The reason i suspected this to be a fabric problem is because near the connector, the fabric in a strange shape( i don’t know how to post a picture in the comment). And usually when i fold and unfold the keyboard, that problem comes (showing charging and hearing a chime). And if for whatever reason the angle and everything were perfect then i can just keep it that way and just remove the iPad and leave the keyboard as it is when I’m done.

That’s why i was so convinced the problem comes from the conducting fabric.


And since mine is a first Gen iPad Pro. If the keyboard goes bad, i would likely just replace the iPad entirely. The keyboard and the very small storage is what driving me towards buying a new iPad Pro. But the fact that i must buy new keyboard and pencil is at the same time stopping me from buying the iPad.

- de

Then it sounds like you damaged the magnetic bar part. The contacts are riveted to the fabric. The fabric center is straight right into the bar the two side pieces have a tab which brings the fabric to the two end contacts.

To understand how the fabric works think how chainmaile is made links of rings interconnected. So if I placed a light bulb on one end of two strips and had the chainmaile under tension the links would carry the power to the lightbulb! The fabric here is doing the same!

I'm sure the rivet of the connector pin broke free of the fabric just enough so as you shifted the case it made or broke the connection pathway.

Have you looked on the used market place for one?

- de

I barely use it after buying this one. And it failed fast. I’m worrying buying a second hand one would exhibit the same issue.

- de

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