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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, modelo Nº. A1475. Disponible en gris espacial o plateado, con configuraciones de 16/32/64/128 GB.

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Can you test the Lightning port of an iPad?

I work for a company that manages a fleet of 1st gen iPad Airs and 6th gen iPads. I’ve recently been getting a lot of iPads returned to me because of suspecting charging issues. I think a number of these issues are due to faulty 3rd party cables/chargers. Is there a way to test a lightning port without removing the display of the iPad? I just want to test if the lightning port is drawing the correct current to charge the battery.

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You can buy USB Current Ammeters and see if there is current being drawn ifixit even has one listed on its store.

Regular charge current is usually in multiples of ~500mA.

USB Mini Voltmeter

Imagen de USB Mini Voltmeter


USB Mini Voltmeter


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I'll give it a shot. Ordering one now.

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