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A1708 / EMC 3164: lanzado en junio de 2017, este MacBook Pro de nivel básico conserva sus teclas de función tradicionales (a diferencia de la barra táctil OLED).

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Which iteration of butterfly keyboard is being used by Apple 4 repair?

Since Apple is repairing MacBooks with butterfly keyboard for free, models that are included in butterfly keyboard repair program.

Q1. Since, Apple is replacing entire keyboard (In most cases) rather than fixing one or two keys, which generation of butterfly keyboard my Mac will get ?

Q2. Which generation of butterfly keyboard my Mac came with when I purchased my Mac ?

Q3. Although newer generation of butterfly are still facing sticky keys issues and what not, since repair engineer with transfer my mac’s motherboard, trackpad and other modules from my older uppercase (i.e. my default Mac came with when I bought it) to newer keyboard upper case, so what are the chances of human error and will it affect anything ? Any further explanation would be helpful on Q3.

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Q1 - Apple is fixing discreet keys mostly! Apple is putting the same keyboard your system had. Apple might have rev’ed the keyboard trying to improve it. Personally I just don’t know! It’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem! Seeing a bad keyboard and ID’ing the damage is one thing, and then the risk of damaging the Apple repaired keyboard wouldn’t be wise or can I expect my customers to except me poking around to see what Apple did.

Q2 - It depends on how you count things its either gen 2 or gen 3 (adding in the MacBook keyboard)

Q3 - If your keyboard was too far gone, then Apple has been swapping out the uppercase assembly. Basically, transferring your logic board, display and bottom cover over. You end up getting a new keyboard of the same generation and a fresh battery.

Presently there is a legal battle going on with a class action lawsuit of people wanting Apple to replace the Butterfly with a redesigned uppercase with the16” Scissor keyboard. There appears to be enough documented incidents that might sway the court.

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In the Q3 answer u said that Apple will be using same generation keyboard and fresh battery. So, wouldn’t this logic be applicable to #flexgate display replacement ? That is Apple will put new 2017 display onto my Mac to repair flexgate but it will have same flex cable length and issue will reoccur again, even though in my earlier posts u have already confirmed that Apple has been using 2017 displays with longer flex cable. Here my question is: would this same logic will be applicable or not ? Although it seems obvious that the logic won’t be applicable but that means Apple should use new butterfly keyboard on 2016 n 2017 macs ( if entire keyboard was replaced) which includes a thin membrane and change in material to improve butterfly mechanism as documented by ifixit.

- de

@aryakumar - Apple only replaced the cable with a longer one during the manufacturing process the LCD and the rest of the assembly is exactly the same.

I don't think it matters! Keep in mind quite a few people have had more than one replacement done so the same logic applies with it being the same! Apple is in a hard place here as admitting they waited to long is just as bad.

As Apple is warranting the keyboard for four years does it really matter? Besides you my get a summer xmas present ;-}

- de

Yes, if we discuss about butterfly keyboard then it doesn’t really matter because despite of Apple putting membranes and changing material, it never entirely solved the problem.

But, if talking about #flexgate, I think it would depend entirely on whether I get a new display with longer cable or same flex cable bcoz in the above comment u said some people have had more than one replacement. Bcoz I have to pay and if issue reoccur after 90 days warranty given by AASP after repair. It would be a total wastage of money.

The only reason I’m having this discussions is to understand what expectation should I have from Apple repair regarding flexgate, prior to this I never had any issue with Apple or Apple repair and it’s bugging my mind quite a lot.

Just a open question: according to u what do u think is better ?

Option 1: repair my mac’s display ?

Option2: buy a new laptop ( I’m think about surface laptop 3)

- de

@aryakumar - Whoa! You are changing things here on me the focus was on the keyboard not the display!

The answer was only on the keyboard - Nix the display as that is a very different subject. The only reference here was what Apple did on the display for the fix. Not in regards on what people encountered with it at all!

Once the display is replaced with the newer version the issue was resolved! This issue here is very different with the keyboard.. You just can't tie the two together.

- de

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