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This receiver is Bluetooth Ready, has 110 Watts x 5 Direct Energy Amplification and is iPad / iPhone Certified with supplied cable

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Volume knob turns unit on and off

My unit isn’t exactly shown in post. It is a Pioneer “elite” VSX-xxxx unit. Fairly new.

If i turn the volume knob the unit turns off, then if i turn it back to a certain position unit comes back on. Using a remote has no effect on it so everything is ok so far…

It seems like the unit is shorting out when turning the knob… Does anybody know what part could be faulty? Do I need to replace? or possibly clean the potentiometer?


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Unless your receiver is pretty old, the volume knob probably doesn’t have a potentiometer. Instead, it has a digital rotary encoder. Theoretically this could be cleaned too but that’s not likely to help. If the receiver functions just fine using the remote to adjust the volume, then there might be something going on with the receiver’s software. You can try resetting the receiver using the process described in the owner’s manual (typically something like unplugging it and letting it sit for a few minutes, but some receivers have a more specific reset process). If your receiver has a motorized volume knob that turns when you adjust the volume by remote, then there probably is a potentiometer that could be serviced. Unplug the receiver, use an electronics cleaner such as Deoxit, let dry thoroughly, then follow up with a small shot of electronics lubricant. Be sure to only use cleaners and lubricants that are specifically designed for electronics and make sure the equipment is fully dry before plugging back in. You can try this process if your receiver has a rotary encoder instead of a potentiometer, but that might not solve the problem.

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