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How to discharge old batteries?

I know it seems an odd question, but it is a SERIOUS one.

The discharging of Apple batteries [mainly I am interested - iPhone and iPads] is VERY important.

You do not want to have a pile of old batteries still charged.

You are increasing chance or FIRE!

Also, they might be defective when replacing them too and would be MUCH better discharge them properly and securely, then dismount it.

So, any ‘professional’ here can recommend the correct tool to do that?

iPhones/iPads have different connectors too.

So, tools must have that too.

Thank you


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The best way to discharge battery is one 4-5 v LED connect to battery still the LED off .I try on one of the battery very time ago.Hope this process is helpful.

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Thanks for your input.

Yes, that is a good idea.

I might make a small perforated PCB and attach all the iPhone and iPad connections [wired] that go to one LED.

Just need to get the correct wattage to have a decent not too high drain current.

I like to live SAFE !

- de

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