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La segunda generación de PlayStation Vita, la serie PCH-2000, se conoce comúnmente como PS Vita Slim o PS Vita 2000. Anunciada en Japón en el otoño de 2013 y lanzada en Norteamérica en mayo de 2014.

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Is my motherboard dead?

Hi all,

I would like to ask if anyone had a problem with PS Vita 2000 like I do. The console does not turn on, at all. It is charging (solid orange light) but does not react when I press the power button.

I already checked the most common problems and tried those steps:

  • Replaced battery with a known good one.
  • Pressed PS, R and Power button combination.
  • Tried charging it with different charger and power cord.
  • Looked for signs of water damage (didn’t found any).
  • Checked continuity on fuses around the power section (all working).
  • Placed the MB in another unit with working components (power button, controller boards, and battery).

Can anyone give me some advice on how to troubleshoot this one?

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Hi, I'm trying to find the fuses on mine since my backlight is not working. Do you have the schematics? Or a picture highlighting their location?

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@ed Martinez you posted your request on a 3 year old question that is no longer being viewed. Your chance of getting a valuable answer which hopefully helps you with fixing your system, are greater if you create a new question. Give as much detail as possible and add some pictures of your board.

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I managed to revive it. If anyone in the future will look for the answer, here is it:

Take your hot air station, a lot of flux (higher quality will be better) and reflow those two chips at around 320 - 350 Celsius degrees.

Block Image

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! My console is back to life! After three years without using it, when I wanted to turn it on nothing happened. I have spent 4 months trying everything, key combinations, change the battery, the charger and the usb cable, but without any results.

As a last attempt Dismantle the complete motherboard, clean everything with a cloth with Isopropyl Alcohol and a toothbrush, dry it with a hair dryer, mount everything again and when you connect it ... Like new.  

Apparently the problem was the rusty motherboard.

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