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iPhone 7 Plus No Service after Charging Port Replacement

I have an iPhone 7 Plus which I need to replacement the charging port. So, to save time and make sure the charging port works, I always test the charging port by connecting it to the board and also connecting the reception signal connector to the board as well. Now, I’ve tried over 4 different charging ports (all from the same company) and I keep getting ‘‘NO SERVICE’’ on all of them.

Does the charging port need to be completely installed and screwed in for the service signal to work? Or should I be getting reception signal regardless?

When connecting the original OEM charging port back, I have no problem with signal reception.

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I would think it needs to be grounded.

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Charging Port has GSM Antennas and need to be placed well to get signal, if your original Flex Cable is working Fine (Phone Signal), there is a change that all charging ports from that company are bad. If you ordered a lot from China sometimes they did not solder the antennas well.

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I should have been more specific sorry. The OEM charging port reception signal works yes, because it's intalled properly. But when testing the other charging ports, I only connect the main charging port connector to the board and the reception signal connector, the actualy charging port is not properly seated inside the mid frame. (this save me time, just to see if the charging port is working) So my question was, does it need to be properly installed for the reception signal to work?

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Yes, it need to be placed with screws, main screws are those next to charging port and one next to speaker. Silver points that touch the bottom housing.

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