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Lanzado en noviembre de 2016, el PS4 Pro cuenta con hardware actualizado para juegos de 4K y streaming de vídeo.

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Power supply to mobo cable not even 1 mm of wire insulation off now

Hey guys

English is not my foreign language. I apologize for any bad grammar and stuff.

I'm in real trouble I guess. I wanted to clean my ps4 pro today and something happened.

After removing the case I wanted to take out the power supply. So, after I was about to pull out the power supply cable I kinda screw up and my needle nose pliers slipped off and came against the cables. Well, it wouldn't be a big deal but some wire insulation ripped off. Not bad, just superficial and a tiny spot is showing some stripped wire.

I don't know what to do now. The ps4 is running fine like nothing happened. I used some duct tape to isolate the area. I also searched the Internet for a replacement but found nothing. All the cables are black, and mine is white.

My Playstation is the CUH-7216B.

Can anyone help me? Would liquid rubber insulate the area better? It's pretty far up the plug.

I really have no idea what I'm supposed to do and if it's dangerous to use my Ps4 now. Every opinion and advice is welcome.

Best regards

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@dummie since it is running without any issues I would just stick with carefully wrapping some electric tape around the insulation. If you are really, really, really worried about it you can get some “Liquid Electrical Tape” like this stuff but I do not think that it is necessary at all.

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