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Why isnt my elitebook 2560p not booting?

i tried booting it up today, it shows the hp logo and a black screen. the pixels still work and colour is there because the hp logo is here, if i try pressing any keys nothing happens.

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Hi @pravnav ,

if your laptop is not giving you some beeps, it could be only BIOS time issue or something like that. So, try to reset your BIOS using CMOS reset:

  1. Turn Off your laptop
  2. Unplug the power adaptor
  3. Unplug main battery
  4. Disassembly your laptop to the motherboard
  5. Find the little battery in the slot on the motherboard
  6. Remove this battery
  7. Put back this battery
  8. Try, if it’s booting properly - You must insert Hard drive to the slots, also, if you will remove RAMs, on the boot-up, they must be placed in the slots.

If It’s still not working, try to start your laptop without HDD, if It’s still same, let us know and we will find a different solution for your case.

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