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Pairing issues after screen replacement

Hey guys, I'm unable to pair Apple Watch 3 GPS only version with any iphone. I tried to reboot iphone, delete network settings, try another phone, reboot watches. I've replaced the screen on the watches, they’re 1OO% unpaired and deleted from icloud. Phone starts pairing the watches but when it comes to activating the watches the iphone will stop the pairing and starts canceling the pairing process. Any recommendations?

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Did you do a full reset of the watch?

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Yes I did. You mean press on turn off then erase all data?

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Did you transfer your NFC module to your new display? Install Series 2 Display on a Series 3 with Apple Pay

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No, I didn't. But I've read more articles about it, i have original screen, this shouldn't be that issue...

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I'm confused?? You stated you replaced the screen (full display assembly) so how could you still have the original display?

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By original display i meant display from another watches. Original means that its not a copy from internet.

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If you have a broken display in Watch A and took a good display from Watch B to put into Watch A then the NFC chip of Watch B is now inside Watch A unless you swapped them over independently of the display. Basically swapping the displays over (B to A) but still using Watch A's NFC in Watch A. If not the NFC services won't work.

Hopefully that explains your issue.

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Is NFC related to pairing watch

I’m from India , here no Apple Pay

But I’m using S4 GPS Watch which was replaced with new screen & I used for couple of months then I erased Watch & unpair from my iPhone

Now while pairing my iPhone it was unpairing automatically with out any pop up message on screen

I tried with several phones but no use

If cause with Bluetooth & WiFi issues replacing screen flex cable is it resolved?

Help me also please

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