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La PlayStation Vita es el sucesor de la PSP. Contiene un procesador y gráficos mejorados, e incluye la adición de un segundo stick analógico. Fue lanzado el 15 de febrero de 2012.

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Ps Vita power Issues

So I had this ps vita from a friend, and it's really old. It works sometimes when I turn it on and sometimes it won't. Here's what happens :

  • It turns on sometimes, sometimes it won't
  • No light on the ps button and it doesn't charge, but the pc recognizes it when I connect it via cable
  • When it does turn on, it randomly turns off at some point
  • I had to set the date and time every time It powers on
  • I've tried replacing the battery, and it immediately powered on. I tried to chrage it but it still won't. I powered it off just to be sure
  • Now the problem is back again. It won't turn on, won't charge.

Anybody knows what the problem is? Could it be the port where you connect the battery to the board or anything else? I really need help right now.

Any help would be very much appreciated

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I don’t think it’s the port where the battery connects to. You can try to clean it carefully. Did you tried a new battery or a used one? When you connect it to the PC, does it charge then? And is it recognised when it’s not displaying anything? Did you checked the port where you put your charger in ?

Looks like it’s a motherboard related issue so far..

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I tried a new battery, I brought it new and it just came in today. It doesn't charge when connected to pc, but i can transfer files. Haven't checked the charging port yet. Haven't tried clening it either. Should it try it? If so, what should I use?

Thanks fir the reply

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Hi !

Can you transfer files when it's not displaying anything ? I think the port is fine, but you can check it out anyway. Does the battery connector looks fine? You could clean it carefully with plastic (thin) inside, for the battery connector, clean the pins. But I think it's motherboard related..

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I can't transfer if it's not showing anything, it's as good as a dead vita at those times. There's nothing wrong with the battery connector, at least on how I look at it.

I would try that later, thanks again!

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Okay. So it's not the screen or anything. I think the connectors are all good to go, but just check to be sure. Guess it's motherboard related, sorry. You can still buy the motherboards though.

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I'll try if I can find a cheap one, but if I can't then I'll just buy a new one. Thanks!

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