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iPhone 8+ battery won't hold charge!

I'm so frustrated. I bought an iPhone 8 plus second hand. The seller informed me it doesnt stay charged. I bought it, then check it out. It only turns on when plugged in, and even then it will turn off after about 1 minute. If taken out of the charger, it immediately turns off. I ordered a brand new charge port, I replaced it. It STILL doesnt work! I'm so frustrated right now. I've invested so much time and money into this.

Could it be the battery? What should my next step be? Someone please help.

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Replace the battery first. They are not that expansive and it will rule out a parts issue.

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1 minute. If taken out of the charger, it immediately turns off.

That would indicate that the battery is most likely at fault. I would get it replaced and see how that goes. Fortunately batteries are relatively cheap to get replaced. IMO I recommend a local reputable repair store to get the battery replaced. Should be a straight forward repair for them as it shouldn’t immediately turn off when the battery is replaced.

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iPhone 8 Plus Replacement Battery

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iPhone 8 Plus Replacement Battery


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