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home button not working after screen replacement on iPhone 7 plus

I’ve read all the posts across a ride array and have asked other experience phone repair techs. I’ve read anything from yes it’s possible to no it’s not possible so I wanted to ask here.

I did a screen repair on a iPhone 7 plus and have been stumped since. After powering it on and confirming that the screen works I found that the home button no longer worked and the digital assistive button was on. I ordered a new button thinking that perhaps I damaged it in the transfer but alas the new one does not work either. I’m currently trying to figure out as to what my options are to get the button back to at least working as it did not turn on the assistive touch when I turned it back on.

My other thought is could it be that the connection cable to the home button came either damaged or dead on arrival or perhaps I damaged it when reconnecting it and this could be the issue.

Is this possible to fix without taking it to apple due to to cost or is it locked due to the limiter that was first implemented when apple released the iPhone 7 plus?

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Sounds like you may have damaged the Home button flex during the replacement.

It is possible that the new LCD module is faulty, so to rule this out simply connect the original home button to the original LCD and see if that works. If so it’s simply an LCD fault.

What is more likely is Home button flex damage. Some specialist Micro-solderers may be able to repair, but they will be hard to find.

The best solution if you’re not concerned about Touch ID functionality then you can buy 3rd party home buttons such as the JC home button, but I have never personally tried these so cannot recommend.

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Okay, I was leaning towards that. I would try and connect the old screen but after I removed the button it literally (I kid you not) fell apart and I'm not sure I could actually manage to get it to go back together enough that I could reconnect and see.

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Well the flex for the screen has 2 connectors. The smaller one is how the home button connects to the board. If this cable still appears intact you can connect the home button to the screen and then just connect the smaller connector to the board.

Then power it up and see if you get any vibrator feedback when pressing the ho me button (But there will be no image)

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With the jc home button you put a small connector on the motherboard and it connects Bluetooth so when you are on airplane mode you can’t use it. It also clicks

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Noah, okay so the JC replacement clicks/moves like the older home buttons did? I had bought a spare one to try and see if that replacement would work. It didn't work and it moved which took me off guard as the 7 was the first one that didn't as I understand.

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There is a certain thing it comes with that you put on the motherboard

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