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Repair information for the Crusher Wireless headphones. Model number: S6CRW-K591. First available on Amazon in August of 2016.

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The turning mechanism between the earpad and the headband broke.

After almost one and half year my headphones just broke when I wanted to put them on. I was very surprised that this happened and I'm also very sad because I can't even wear them anymore. The sound and everything is just fine.

Block Image

Block Image

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Did you find a solution? I'm having the same problem and I'm looking for the replacement part to print it with the 3D print... But I can't find it...

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I duct taped it together until I got back home. (I was on an international internship). Then my dad gave me money to buy a new one.

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@Floortje B hahaha Ok thanks

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ok so I need the part that's still connected to the earmuff... the plastic piece with the 2 screws on the bottom of the first picture

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Floortje B  the only way you can fix that is by either having someone 3D print you a new part for it or you’ll find another pair that is broken other than the hinge part. Looks like the 2 screws are the only thing that hold those to your headphone. Removing those most likely enables you to replace the broken part.

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My device is broken exactly at the same point today. I fix it by drill a hole from one site to the other (1,2mm thick) and insert a steel pin (as it is used in watches). I used black tape to prevent fall out of the pin.

If anybody is 3D-printing original part, I would like to order one!

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