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Procesador Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz 8 GB de RAM Disco duro de 1 TB 7200 rpm Pantalla de 15,6 pulgadas; Gráficos NVIDIA Geforce GTX965M Windows 8.1

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Charger port got fried and now refuses to charge with any charger.

Im very confused whenever it comes to computers and all of their inner workings — i dont even know what kind of laptop that i have beyond the fact that it is a msi gaming one with a rainbow keyboard and dragon logo — but i have very important stuff on my current laptop and I need to at least turn it on one last time so that I can salvage all of my old stuff before switching computers. My charger has always gotten super hot and soon even got the metal part that plugs into the actual port on the computer super bent so that you had to constantly reposition it in order to get it to charge. It often gave huge sparks and burned me, in fact. Recently it stopped charging the computer at all and my computer refuses to even turn on since — even whenever the charger was plugged in — it was always below 20% charge and could die at any moment if the charger got knocked out of place. Ive tried everything to reposition the charger and get it to charge again, but no luck. We have another computer of the exact same model that was used by my sister, however, and I even went as far as attempting to use the charger from THAT one to get my own computer to turn on. Still nothing. The little charger hole on the side of the computer smells completely burnt and wont react to any positioning of the charger or even a completely unbent charger like the one that I got from the other computer. Please, I need to get my stuff at least moved from this computer to the other one. I cant take it to a repair service or anything since i live in the middle of nowhere. Please help!!! I just need to get it turned on again at least one more time!!!

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if xou just want to access your data you might be in luck, since windows (gaming) laptop seldomly have soldered on storage device. You can open up your Laptop and check whether you have a 2.5” Hard drive / SSD with S-ATA Connector or a “stick” type ssd. Once you have identified which you have you could buy an adapter off amazon or a different retailer of your choosing, connect your drive to it, plug it into USB of a different PC/Laptop and you should be able to access all of your data.

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