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The DYMO LabelWriter 450 is a professional quality label printer for home and office use. Model number: 1750283

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Label scratched when printed

Hello I need a repair on my dymo labelwriter 4xl. When the label prints it comes out crooked, torn and scratched. I’ve opened the front part and can see there is a piece where he label is put through and comes out that, that part is part of the feeder and it’s bent and tearing . Is there a replacement part for this?

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Given the cost of the printer I doubt Dymo offers parts.

The best you could do if the part was removable is to get a junker and transplant the good part for the bad. Otherwise it’s time for a new unit.

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see roll of papers, may be it not put in the right place. You open it, set it again manually. dymo labelwriter 450 seldom broken in paper.

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