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Uno de las sistemas de lectura de tiempo mejor valorado en el 2016. Muchas funciones para el meteorólogo que llevas dentro.

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Higher than normal temp reading during sunny days

Can the motor for the solar fan be replaced with a better one or maybe the actual fan assembly so that the day time temp is acurrate?

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Are you sure the fan is working at all? Mine has died after 5 years or so. Now my temps show -40 F year round.

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@tcagle: That isn't a bad fan (even if yours died) that is a corroded temp/humidity circuit board. You can order a new one here:

That is for the newer models that are easily user replaceable, but the older ones can have the ribbon cables soldered to the board and work with it as well.

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Yes, you can replace the fan - Acurite sells a "AcuRite Iris™ (5-in-1) Wind Cup Assembly Replacement" - it's $20 and it includes the solar powered fan as part of the assembly. All you will need is a philips screwdriver to replace the assembly (just keep the screws together).

They will include a step-by-step replacement guide with the new part - it's really intuitive.

BONUS - once you have it open, check and clean out any dirt/debris that may have accumulated + you can clean the top half of the sensor while you have it apart.

If you are handy with a soldering iron and a multimeter I would suggest you check the solar panel and motor before replacing it - you might find there's a broken connection (Acurite engineered this to be modular - the solar panel + fan is an isolated circuit, you can remove it without affecting the other weather sensors).

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