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Número de modelo NV370. Tiene una altura de 27 pulgadas y cuenta con la tecnología de succión y dirección giratoria de Shark.

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Can the hose be replaced from the handle

the hose from the handle to the swivel part splits alot, is there any way to replace the hose without buying the whole handle with hose part?

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According to the listing at the following site, it would appear that they don't even sell the replacement handle:

You might however want to get in touch with their support department to see if they have just the hose for sale. If they do, then you could use the old hose fittings but I would also inquire of them what adhesive to use if the hose isn't connected to the old hose fittings by friction fit or clamp. Otherwise, if a replacement hose isn't available through them, then you might want to search for other raw hose sources like the following for example:

In that case, hose dimensions are also a consideration as well as any connecting issues to the old hose connectors.

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It appears the handle is built in to hose as part of it. You can get one for $16 here:

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It is Obsolete. However, Any 3rd party may carry it.

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Please state why you think this is an obsolete model. It is for current sale all over , or did you just assume this by the way it looks.

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No, I work for a company that works with multiple manufacturer's for all brands and models, i have exhausted my resources and even spoke with shark, but like i said you'd be able to find it on a third party website such as Amazon, Ebay, Etc....

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They're still out there but maybe not a brand now OEM one only because they dont make it any longer

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I had no problem finding new ones:

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Right on a 3rd party sight as i stated before . :)

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