New Optical Drive buzzing sound not reading (video)

Hello everyone! So I’ve had a ton of problems with this Xbox One X. It’s been out of service 6 of the 9 months I’ve owned it. Since then I’ve had to replace the Fan / Thermal Paste (Wasn’t conducting and was hard as a rock) / Retimer Chip.

I just sent it to @tronicsfix who replaced the retimer chip for me. But now it won’t read disks. The optical drive made a terrible grinding sound and wouldn’t take disks. So I ordered a brand new, tested and working replacement drive. I swapped daughterboards and resoldered the red and black wire. This brand new drive now takes and ejects disks like normal. But makes a buzzing sound and does not read them. I tried opening the BluRay app and it gave me an error and dropped me back to the dashboard. Anyone know what’s going on here?

I recorded a video of what the disk drive is doing and it shows the slider almost not want to move.


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