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The HP Officejet 6500 is a color All-In-One printer.

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HP 6500 wont print black ink

replaced new ink cartridge and realigned and still won’t print from laptop or when I push start copy on printer

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Just some thoughts. Maybe check the printers owners manual for how to do a factory reset. Use the "print test page" rather than "copy" (for scanner use). Make sure that your printer is set as either the default printer or select the relevant printer in your operating systems printer settings if you can't print anything at all. HP also has their own diagnostic software, usually installed at the time the new printer is coupled with a computer. Or check their web site for their "Printer Doctor" program (or something like that).

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Are you using genuine HP cartridges ? If so try allowing a full automatic servicing to complete.

Sometimes with be cartridges theirs a few problems that can occur.

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