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Procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos a 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost de hasta 3,4 GHz) o 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost de hasta 3,7 GHz) con 6 MB de caché L3 compartida.

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Replace trackpad sensitivity torx screw - doh!

Hi all,

Thanks for wonderful resource

Hope you're well

I know I'm not supposed to but I did it anyway and (forcably) removed the trackpad setting screw (i.e. the magnetic screw which, I assume, helps depress the trackpad and register clicks) and in the process I've cammed out the screw and possibly ruined the thread which is part of the top case

Thankfully I've managed to source a couple of new screws: one in case I cam it out again attempting to put it back in and two so I have a spare once I know what I'm contending with. I'm now less worried about the screw and more about the thread issue which could be a (costly) top case replacement.

Here's hoping the big THUDS while removing the screw were the screw camming out and not me demolishing the thread

Has anyone else successfully replaced this screw?:

  • If yes then how was putting it back
  • If no then how did you resolve

If I have ruined the thread what are my options?

I presume Apple screwed the screw in to begin with and it wouldn't be sold as a spare part if one couldn't simply screw it back in..?

If you have any insight into how this screw and/or thread works I'd love to hear!

[F]YI I've done a keyboard replacement on this machine - probably the most difficult repair - so not scared of getting my hands dirty

Lastly, can anyone confirm which torx bit correctly fits this screw?

Keep up great work!

Yours hopefully

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It’s aT5 and sounds like you have totally screwed it up (pun intended)



Well you’ve gotten yourself into a world of hurt. To even get to the trackpad to replace it you have to pull the battery:

Reemplazo de la batería en la MacBook Pro 15" con Pantalla de Retina de mediados de 2014

You may want to just use an external USB mouse for now.

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Hi @mayer,

Any idea if that T5 is a standard or special type of Torx (e.g. security Torx, Torx Plus)?

I’m just trying to ensure I have the correct bits…

I have the ifixit TORX T5 and TORX T6H [b]its - I assume T6H == security TR6?

I don’t think there are any other bits that ifixit stock which can help me here, correct?

Yours hopefully


- de

Just a standard T5.

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I too have a stripped screw that is intended to adjust the click on the late 2013 MacBook Pro 15”. Although the mouse moves and I can tap to select, I’m not able to select and/or drag to move an item.

If I did manage to get the screw out, what size is the replacement screw?

or where can I buy a replacement plate with that screw in good condition ?

does replacing the track pad resolve my problem even though I can adjust the screw for clicking ?

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> [...] what size is the replacement screw?


> [...] or where can I buy a replacement plate with that screw in good condition ?

Providing you don't damage the screw thread you don't need to go this route. If you do damage the thread then you need to recreate the thread (see artistic mention below) or fit a new bottom case, which is the most intensive/expensive repair I know of.

> Does replacing the track pad resolve my problem [...]?

No, the screw in question is part of the bottom case


During the course of this repair, which I did eventually manage with an almost artistic solution involving resin casting a new thread, I discovered the screw is blocked from penetrating the depth of the bottom case by using thread-locking fluid (if you do remove the screw you will see it is probably coloured blue).

Because of this, apply heat before unscrewing (e.g. soldering iron). If you don't then you will damage the thread like I did.


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