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Lanzado el 21 de julio de 2011. Procesador Core i5 o Core i7. Rayo. Esta unidad también se utiliza para ejecutar la configuración de Mac mini Server.

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Replacing broken Mac Mini mid 2011 logic board with Intel GPU version?

The discrete AMD Radeon 6630M GPU in my mid 2011 mac mini is stopping reboot. This issue seems to be common with this discrete graphics card. 2011 Mac mini GPU failed (Radeon 6630M) - repair options? mentions that swapping the logic board for less powerful one with integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 works and would be more reliable. This seems attractive but I have 2 queries:

  1. Where do I purchase one of these - any advice? iFixit says out of stock and I haven’t managed to find one. I’m located in the UK so ideally somewhere UK based that doesn’t charge the earth for deivery would be preferable.
  2. Would it run Adobe CS6 ok? From my research Adobe recommends 500MB GPU RAM. I’m not sure now this works but my Mac Mini has 8GB of CPU RAM so if it takes it from this then sounds like it would be ok. Anyone know?
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Well, you’re in luck! Liverpool UK has one of the better Mac parts sources! Take a look here Logic boards for Apple Mac Mini Mid 2011

As far as running CS6 on an intergraded graphics engine of a 2011 Mac Mini, thats a bit iffy… Small jobs won't be a big issue but as you get into bigger more complex image or video creations you’ll hit the limitations of the CPU and graphics services the given system has.

If you are planning on doing a lot of heavy stuff I would recommend getting a more powerful model. Give this a read EveryMac - Mac Mini Q&A. Ideally you want an i7 CPU and at a minimum the Intel HD Graphics 4000.

If you stick with the direct replacement logic board I would recommend getting a good thermal management app like TG Pro so you can better cool your system and monitor its thermals more effectively. You may need to be more aggressive in cleaning it of dust and making sure the vents are not blocked.

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Thanks Dan, that's very helpful.

Do you know if I can slot in an i7 logic board with Intel HD Graphics 4000 into my mid 2011 mac?

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I'm not sure if a 2012 logic board will fit into a 2011 case. I've not tried doing it.

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