Why is my car unresponsive: desperate for direction

Okay I have a 4 door 2008 Nissan Altima. I just pumped hundreds of $$ into fixing a valve oil leak, on top of other things. Once fixed, the car drove smoothly for all of 48 hrs before it became completely unresponsive. So unresponsive that I can’t lock my doors, I can’t pop my truck, interior or exterior lights do not turn on, the car does not crank or start, no flashing lights what so ever. We attempted to give it a jump and the most that happened was it cranked but then quickly shut off again. I then let it sit for a few minutes and a quick light appeared and then disappeared. But for the most part no action outside of that. Also something to note, I just bought a new battery less than 3 months ago. So it’s fairly new. Could it be a possible fuse blown ? Or is it much deeper than that? Please give me some direction, I’m I so hopeless and ad defeated at this point.

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Alternator and/or voltage regulator. Check the fan belt tightness and condition of said belt on the alternator. If it's slipping, your battery won't be recharge. Re: jumping your vehicle.

Unless you have a dead short somewhere, the car should start but if the battery is totally dead, you will may have to wait a few minutes before battery levels come up to start the car. One thing you may want to try next time, is hook up you jumper cables to another running vehicle, wait a bit and then have the driver of the other vehicle rev there engine a bit while you try starting your car. You could also use a battery charging unit to charge your battery overnight but some battery charges (like the one I own) are not able to charge batteries that are completely dead (There must be a minimum of 1.5 Volts DC present). The trick in this case is to just jump the battery from a running vehicle for a few minutes to get a bit of a charge on the battery (that is, anything higher than 1.5 volts).

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