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The Lenovo G50-70 can be identified by model information printed on the bottom (model name 20351), or on sticker next to track pad. This laptop has a 15.6 inch screen with Dolby audio. Manufacturing began in 2014.

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Something is getting typed automatically. Whenever I turn on the lapto

Whenever i turn on my laptop some stars marks are coming up on password section. After every 30 sec to 1 min something is getting typed automatically. I don't know what to do. My laptop is also lagging alot

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Personally the first thing I try when encountering this problem is press all the keys on the keyboard several times, while the computer is turned off, to see if it's a stuck key issue.

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It looks like a stuck key. Changing the keyboard is cheap and rather easy.

There are three screws holding the keyboard. They have a little keyboard next to them. One you can see on the bottom of your laptop and the two others are under the hatch. Take off the hatch and the 3 screws (one may be hidden behind a sticker).

Now,gently open your laptop a right angle, and use a thin screwdriver or something like that to push out and unclip the keyboard.

The keyboard is attached to the motherboard with some kind of clip. Gently liberate the keyboard from the motherboard. Now you can replace your keyboard with the new one.

You can find some cheap keyboard replacement on AliExpress. That's what I did.

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