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A lawn mower made by the American Company Toro

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The transmission is locked up-how can if fix it

I have a Toro Model # 20066- the mower locked up, smoked, emitting a "belt burning smell". I shut it off, removed the rear wheels, cleaned and oiled them, reassembled, but it will not go into "gear". Just smokes and impossible to push. How to fix?

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I was mistaken. It was not the transmission but simply the drive belt. Replaced the drive belt ($17) with some difficulty and but now runs like new. The original belt had been struck by a stick and it had been torn up and off the pulley. To replace the belt, you more or less disassemble the entire mower. But it is doable; just remember where everything goes.

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Either replace the whole transmission and rear axle asm or replace the 2 gears in the transmission and repack the the transmission with something like white lithium grease.

Gear part numbers as follows



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