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A2115/2019/ Procesador desde 3.0 GHz de 6 núcleos core i5, hasta 3.6 GHz de 8 núcleos i9. Lanzado el 19 de marzo 2019.

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Do we still need thermal control thing for iMac 27 2019?

I read from some threads mentioning about the thermal control thing on old iMacs. Especially when replacing the hhd, we have to buy a thermal control sensor from OWC.

im not sure if we still it for the iMac 2019. Because I’m planning to upgrade the ssd on my own.

can someone help? Thx a lot

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I doubt any of us have done an upgrade on a 2019. Why not get it from iFixit, try it, let us know your results. If you don’t need it, return it.

UPDATE 9/5/19

OWC is still showing the thermal sensors on the models with standard hard drives:

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Thx Mayer.

I successfully replaced my HDD to SATA SDD without any thermo-controlling thing. and it runs flawlessly.

I will upgrade the M.2 ssd too after I received the M2 ssd.

- de

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Dear Taiyuento

I planned to do the same and came across the info on the thermal sensor cable.

Are there any crazy fan noise, I mean high spinning noise, after your upgrade ?

Daniel from Hong Kong

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Hi there, +1 can you please confirm that it is workis fine in terms of fan speed for you?

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