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Portable Bluetooth speaker released in June 2015. The speaker features ClearAudio+ Technology and LDAC Technology. Model Number: SRS-X55.

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Replace a broken sub-woofer of Sony SRS x55

I got a problem with the Sub-woofer of my speaker Sony SRS x55. When a bass is high, the sound was cracked and I’m planning to replace this sub-woofer by a new one. I was finding somewhere I can buy the new sub-woofer in the internet but I did not find yet. Do some one know where can I buy it? Or what sub-woofer I could use instead of the original sub-woofer? Thanks!

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Hi Duy Hoang !

Did you search on Ebay or Aliexpress?

I think you have to look for a speaker that no longer works, but where the subwoofer is still good.

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Hi Schwarzer!

I just searched on Ebay but I did not find out the subwoofer. I'm gonna try search on Aliexpress.

I'm thinking to take apart the speaker and customize to DIY speaker

- de

Hi Duy Hoang !

The ideal would be to have a second-hand speaker. But indeed, this is not easy to find.

If you use it as a do-it-yourself speaker, you could make it an exploded view at the same time, if you wish. :-)

- de

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