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Repair and disassembly guides for Dell printers.

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How can I remove the Fuser from a Dell P1500 Laser Printer?

The test page has four smudge lines (about half an inch width) across the printed page. it seems a roller where the page passes through either has excessive toner (dirty) or the Toner cartridge itself is defective. I need to remove the fuser to see if the toner residue resides there.

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No one? Anyone? Seems like Dell isn't a reputable brand regarding printers but this one lasted for 16 years so who knows.

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Hope this helps you

or you can always call the support team for the same

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Thanks but I already have the manual and "says" nothing about removing the fuser. I don't think the so-called support team is going to help me for free, especially with an old printer (2003). At least HP showed you how to remove the fuser from their old printers. Dell is just money hungry. They weren't like that during the 2000s.

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