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This is a touchscreen tablet manufactured by Samsung that was released in September 2015.

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Is my digitizer broken and is it repairable?

So I stepped on my Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7) while it was facing screen down on my bedroom floor and I saw a spiral crack that wasn’t visible on the screen glass itself, but rather on a layer beneath the glass. I didn’t think much of it initially, because the screen functioned perfectly and the crack while large was only noticeable under direct light. Later that day I turned on the tablet and the entire screen had a bluish film over it and the tablet was having difficulty registering touches (I was however able to enter my pin after multiple tries to unlock the device). From the little knowledge I have regarding the internals of phones/tablets I believe I have a broken digitizer. I don’t think the screen is damaged because directly after I stepped on it the entire screen functioned flawlessly. So, is it possible to buy just this digitizer assembly independent of the screen, and is it replaceable? Or is more than just the digitizer damaged?

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in this case, proceed with following iFixit guide.

If you know the part number, search for spare LCD on the eBay, there are a low of different LCDs. But If you would like, you can search for parts on the and order what you want.

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So in order to replace the digitizer I have to buy a digitizer+led screen unit, the digitizer isn't separate? If I have to buy a new screen with digitizer (those seem to be in the hundreds of dollars) I'd rather buy a brand new Samsung tablet in the mid 200s. Thanks for your response, I'm just trying to determine if a repair is cost-effective. I don't know if this is possible but I don't actually use the touch on the tablet I use a keyboard and mouse most of the time so if there's a way I could remove the digitizer from the screen that would also work. Thanks again for replying.

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I have found some parts with the average cost about 12$. They are not the original parts, but it may be enough.

In many cases, repairing tablets are more expensive, then buying a new. Some company didn't produce spare parts for some "low-cost" devices, because of the manufacturing and storage - deliver cost.

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Can you send me a link to one of these items you are finding for around $12 or at least what search terms you are using on what sites to find these items? I'm having trouble finding a digitizer for the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 on Ebay and on My tablet model number is SM-T813. Thanks again for helping a stranger.

Edit: do you think the screen itself (AMOLED panel) is not damaged?

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I've found the TOUCH SCREEN ONLY

Is it what you are looking for?

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You need to replace your screen and digitizer.

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