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El Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (llamado Note5) es un teléfono de estilo phablet, fabricado por Samsung, lanzado en agosto de 2015.

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No signal with replacement charge port

Tried 4 different charging ports that get no signal. Phone is originally AT&T.

Tried 1 T-Mobile, 2 AT&T, and 1 Verizon port. All I get is a full stop circle with line for signal . Original port works flawless(from a signal standpoint at least). Also tried network settings reset with no luck. Connected to wifi for any external communication it may need with a new port. Also tried another SIM card with the same replacement port working/not working.

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Ok.. lets start with the basics.. whats the model numbers of the phones your using .

1, Did you replace the charging port?

2. If so can you explain exactly what you did..I.E. did you physically remove said bad USB charging port from the phone and physically replace it with a new on?

3.can you post pictures of all the ports you have tried with there respective part number please.

Ok so Ive only ever heard of this happening one time when replacing a charging port and it was on the old windows phones by htc.. with that said the only thing I can think of is that the ports you are using are proprietary to the respective company’s the phones are with..

Like take the note 3 for instance… you can not swap screens with one from att to a Verizon note 3.. they cut the plastic differently.. mother boards or any thing.. there are ways to make it work but the risk involved woul be to hi.. better just buying a new screen..

any ways post the requested info and ill see what i can dig up..

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1. Yes. The whole flex cable.

2. Replaced the whole dock flex. No Soldering. Dock flex the phone came in with has absolutely no issues with the signal at all. Did not replace any antenna connectors. Only part of the phone that changes is dock flex.


Top 2 are my replacements and bottom is the original. I dont have the T-mobile but it was the same model # but with T instead of A. Never checked the Rev.

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