Kenwood Model Eleven Power/Line Level Meter Adjustments

My receiver is the Model Nine G but the procedure should be the same.

When the needles are idle they are a little off from the 0 position.

It’s a “/ “  mark @ the bottom of the scale.

So my question is How do you adjust the needles to the 0 position ?

Thanks !

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You mean that the needle doesn't reach the 0 position when the potentiometer is in minimum ?

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Thanks for replying !

Lets say if the unit is powered off or idling in AUX mode, both L & R meters should have the needles resting @ the " / " mark on the bottom of the meter scale/dial.

There are internal pots for this & I don't know the procedure.

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There must be a way of opening this up and rebalancing/re-adjusting the pins right?

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I think you need to re-adjust them manually by reaching directly the needles, there is no other way.

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They are close to 0. One is a little off to the left & the other off to the right.

There is no manual adjustment. There are two pots for each channel for

line level & power/watts.


The unit is opened up & I have 4 pots staring @ me. The meters can't be opened.

I have the service manual guys & I just don't know the procedure.

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