Laptop screen failure? Ribbon cable damaged?

As shown i have a Msi laptop, its been a few years that i have it, quite a few. One day, around a year ago, i turned it on and the screen was not diplaying the right colors, something was off. The colors seem to be not as bright as they should be, the thing is when you turn the laptop on and just wait a while, the colors seem normal, when you start browsing through the web and encountering white color, when lets say you go back to desktop where it has darker colours, you can actually see the definitions of your page that you were on in pink color. What i have also noticed, that in video i took of the display while playing a game, the screen looked very green, not the same colour that i see when im actually using it. So, i went through the web, thinking it might be a hardware failure, maybe the ribbon connection to the video card is failing, im not sure, so i dont know how to go about it. External monitor displays everything fine. You can already see pinkish $@$*, when you turn the laptop on and it has the Msi logo, so i would say software has nothing to do with it. The more time you spend where there is a bright, white colour the worse it gets with the pinkness. Also i can clearly see the pink on my screen and on my phone that i took the photos on, but when i open them on the pc, it dosent actually look pink at all, so not 100% sure you be able to see the pinkness.

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