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A mid-range Android smartphone manufactured and sold by HTC.

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no service net work on sim card

cellphone fall down and missing sim card net work showing no service

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thanks for answer can isen phone to you to make this micro sloder or your agent here in Riyadh saudia arabia

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Have you taken the SIM card out and reinserted it? If not,it could fix it. You need a small paper clip to pop the sim tray. Take the card out carefully and put it back in,power the phone off and on.

If this still doesn’t work,you could reset network settings or fully erase and reset the phone to fix software issues…which I doubt would work because it’s probably damaged.

phones have a special chip that’s soldered to the logic board. It processes cellular/phone service. Or even a power chip to provide it power. They usually have balls of solder they flatten when soldered on…they sit on the balls. When you drop it,it can break a solder joint. This requires micro soldering.

It’s not as easy to find people to repair hatch phones. It’s usually iPhones or Samsungs.

Hopefully it’s just a nudged SIM card.

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