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Un teléfono inteligente/phablet Android de bajo costo y 5.5 pulgadas, lanzado por primera vez a mediados de 2016.

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How do I fix the connector?

So I have done many screen replacements on my phone before (it’s actually a cubot kingkong, but I couldn’t find that specific model in the options), but this time, while disconnecting the pcp(?)(I forget what’s its called) -the connector for the volume and power button- I forgot to lift the thing and I ripped it. Is there any way that I can fix this, or at least turn on the phone?

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Aye Caramba.

It looks like you tore the flex cable(the black ribbon thingy. It can be replaced but requires extra work. If you know which pins the power button connects on the fpc,you could short them together with tweezers to simulate pushing the power button(if it’s for the sake of getting your data.) otherwise you’d need to replace the power button flex cable.

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