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Why Garmin 945 lose time when set to manual time? And how to prevent?

I’ve got a new Garmin 945. Sometimes where I live, my cellphone switches timezones because we are close to the border, so around here, we always keep them on manual. I was thinking it would be good to do the same thing on my Garmin watch because after the first day, I caught it in the wrong timezone. I set the watch to manual and then one morning was mystified that it was about 20 minutes off the real time. Reset it and a couple days later it has happened again. Any other experience with this one?

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Other than a weak battery (unlikely), it sounds like processor just isn’t keeping the right time. Don’t know that there’s anything you can do about that. I had a computer once that did this and I just had to set up an auto time set to reset the time every hour or less.

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