My Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-780 WON'T PLAY!

I have a Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-780 and for the past four years it has worked just fine. Recently the amp turns on but stopped making the *ding* noise indicating that it is connected. I have unplugged and cleaned out all the connection spots as well as changed out the wires connected from the amp to the speakers. After everything was put back together it worked once but the *ding* noise was a little delayed when turning it on. I turned it all off and back on to play another record and it stopped working again. I need some trouble shooting advice please!

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Hi @djwhitehare ,

Have you got another turntable that you can connect to the phono input?

I'm wondering if the problem is with the Onkyo and not the receiver.

Do the other functions of the receiver work OK e.g. the radio and the tape deck?

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