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phone stuck on logo

My huawei mate 20 lite is stuck on logo and would not move forward. I have tried most things so far, I have used the power button which would turn it off, but as it switches on it wont go ahead of the huawei logo. I have tried power button with the volume up and volume down button, have tried all of that for many hours now. does anyone have a solutionto any of this. Thanks

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What lead up to this?

You could attempt re-flashing the original ROM to the phone.

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thanks david for your reply.

I guess one can do that by pressing the power and the volume up button. It did manage to go to a system recovery option which keeps getting stuck on 72% and wont go beyond that. I guess i will have to try and do a factory reset, with that I am worried about loosing all of my data, Any bright ideas how I could do that without loosing my contacts and the pictures and videos etc on my phone?

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Of its of any benefit to someone in a similar situation, will share further events.

After all of the above, I sent my phone over as it still was under warranty. They have said this is liquid damage! Don't know how the !&&* that has happened as I do not remember even getting close to water or leaving it close enough to water/liquid for that to have happened but basically warranty is now void. Can't believe how that could have happened but simply I feel genuinely dissapointed in the phone and more so with the services team - they have been apalling.

Anyways my experience, this was my first Huawei and surely will be my last.

Thanks to all who helped guide me though.


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hello. my Huawei matte 20 lite stuck in logo. i have change the battery but again nothing. i have try to upgrade system with volume up button and power button but again nothing . PLEASE Help me.

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Your phone wants to flash

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Thank you mate for your reply, pardon my ignorance, but I think by flash you would mean to factory reset. After pressing on the"volume up" button whilst the logo appeared, I entered into a menu asking for software update and recovery, factory reset and reboot.

I tried software recovery multiple times but it didn't help, would start and get stuck on 72%. Spent the whole day on it so eventually tried factory reset, then that kept getting stuck on 99%!! and would go forward. Spent 2 days trying to do this but eventually gave up and sent it to Huawei repairs. Quite disappointed with mate 20 lite series, I sometimes wonder if this could be related to software issues with all the policies around Google not allowed to offerthem any further software's or updates ?

Anyways thank you all for chipping in and offering your advice. Cheers

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Did it get repaired? Did u get your data?

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