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Released in 2015, the Asus G752VL-DH71 is a 17-inch gaming laptop. It is often referred to by the shorter name G752VL or G752.

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Laptop boot loops after "automatic repair startup". Is there a fix?

This is my first time writing a post here but I really need some insight. My laptop is about a few years old and its been working fine. However about two days ago, I put my computer into sleep mode and then once I waked it up the next day it showed my ROG logo and stating “preparing automatic repair startup”. From there, it would constantly turn off and on never going to the windows repair manager.

So the first thing I thought was, “maybe my hard drive got corrupted.” so then I put in a spare hard drive with windows pre installed already. I thought this would’ve fixed the issue but it was still happening. So I knew it wasn’t the hard drive but rather a computer issue. But I don’t know what it could possibly be.

I was considering on disassembling my laptop but I don’t want to do that unless it is absolutely necessary. Any insight on a possible solution is appreciated. Also I apologize if there are any grammar issues, I’m currently typing this on my phone.

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Hi @jaehwa

I suggest you to try fresh clean install on your spare hard disk and see if it helps.

are there any BSOD or any errors or codes?

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From what I saw, I did not see any error codes. Also I tried doing a fresh install of windows using via usb, and immediately it goes to "preparing automatic startup repair". Its really odd.

- de

@jaehwa you should not have the error message come up. You need to set your BIOS to boot from USB to ensure it installs properly.

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@oldturkey03 yea i didn't see any error messages, like i stated early it just states "preparing automatic startup repair" and then proceeds to shut down. I did somehow manage to get into the windows repair manager via recovery disc. I initiated a reinstallation of windows but it ended in a loop of the lading screen.

- de

Hi James, try getting a USB with win10 installation.

From the boot menu, maybe F8 key for Asus

select boot on usb

once loaded up, select custom installation delete all partition (All Data on the hard disk will be lost) on the hard disk and allow installation to complete.

observe and hopefully it works

- de

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