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Released in 2012, identified by model number XE550C22.

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How do I re-enable Chrome OS Verification?

This is an older model Chromebook, and it boots to an older screen which states that

“Chrome OS verification is turned off.

Press space to begin recovery.”

Newer models have the space key re-enable OS verification. This model does not, the space key causes the device to enter recovery mode. The displayed background is also different, displaying a blue-screened laptop with a sad face on it instead of the usual laptop with “!” mark.

I have already restored the OS and power_washed the device, to no avail.

How can I re-enable OS verification?

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After some further searching, I found that this model has a physical “Dev Switch” located on the right side by the power button. Similar to how a paperclip hole below the power button invokes recovery mode, the Dev switch is responsible for invoking Developer Mode. The switch was switched “on” or to the right, and I was able to use a small flathead to switch to the left (off.)

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I've been beating myself over the head for 2 weeks on this chromebook trying to get it OUT of developer mode. Finally something that works!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!

- de

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