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Lanzado el 23 de junio de 2013, el Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5206 está equipado con Windows 8 para todas tus necesidades informáticas portátiles.

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Battery light blinking; laptop will not turn on with battery installed

I have a Toshiba C55D-B5102 laptop. My original issue was that my battery would not charge. Windows was reporting that the battery was at 100% even though it appeared not to be charged at all; the computer would not come on when the AC adapter was unplugged. I assumed that this meant that the battery was dead (it was the original battery) so I purchased a replacement Toshiba OEM. When I installed the new battery, Windows reported that no battery was installed (battery icon with an “X” through it). I assumed that I received a bad battery so I returned it for a replacement.

When I installed the second replacement, the orange battery light began to blink steadily, even before I attached the AC adapter. The laptop would not come on with just the battery so I assumed that it meant that the battery needed to be charged. I left the AC adapter plugged into the laptop for several hours but the battery light continues to blink steadily. I assumed at some point the blinking would stop but it has not.

I figured I would use the laptop while it is charging so I tried to turn on the laptop - it would not come on with the AC adapter plugged in. Thinking this was odd, I removed the battery from the laptop, plugged in the AC adapter again and the laptop boots normally.

To recap:

  • Original battery - laptop starts with battery installed and AC adapter plugged in. Windows reports battery is at 100% but laptop will not come on without AC adapter.
  • Replacement #1 - laptop starts with battery installed and AC adapter plugged in. Windows reports that there is no battery installed.
  • Replacement #2 - laptop will not start with battery installed. When battery is installed, the orange battery light blinks steadily. Laptop will start on AC power when battery is removed.

I did some research online and one proposed solution was remove the AC adapter and battery, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, reinstall the battery and AC adapter and turn on the laptop. This did not work for me.

Any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks in advance for the help!

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After hours of research on the Internet, I came across a solution for another Toshiba model which called for updating the BIOS. My BIOS was fairly old (1.4) and the newest version was 5.3 so I figured I had nothing to lose.

The BIOS flash came in two versions - CD-ROM DOS and Windows. I typically like to flash BIOS’s in DOS, so I created the DOS boot disk and started the flash with the original battery installed. The flash would not complete because the program detected that my battery was less than 20% charged - kind of ironic since that was the problem I was trying to solve! Undeterred, I decided to try to flash in Windows, hoping that it did not need to detect the battery level. Success - the BIOS was successfully flashed!

Once the flash process ended, I swapped in the second replacement battery and started up the laptop - it started and booted to Windows! Once booted, Windows said that the battery was 50% full and it was charging! I shut down the laptop and I am allowing the battery to charge overnight. Hopefully, it will be completely charged in the morning and it will run off battery power again.

UPDATE - This morning the battery was charged to 100% and the orange light was changed to white. The laptop started up on battery power and is working fine. Problem solved!

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Hi I have the same issue can you explain to me how you did the bios update or link me to a Web page where I can fond such info. Thanks for your help.

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Here is a link to the BIOS download page:

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I am having the same problem, however when i go to flash my bios even through windows it says the battery needs to be at least 20% charged. I am stuck and have no clue where to proceed from here.

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The BIOS Update didnt help in my case, but here is how i bypass the min 20% battery chargue message.

*My laptop said that my battery replacement was at 47% and not charging*

1)Disconnect the battery so that the laptop could turn on

2)Once im in the desktop, i plug the battery

3)Run the BIOS update, the message will now say that if you want to continue

4)Click yes, and once que laptop is restaring, unplug the battery

5)Wait to the BIOS complete de Update

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Toshiba Satellite c850 model when the charger is connected orange light 4time and laptop getting on when charger is connect ..when try on without charger orange light blink but no response on display .

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