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Wireless gaming headset released in October 2014. The Astro A50 (Model: 3AS50-PSW9N-383) can be used with the XBOX1, PS3, PS4, PC, and Mac.

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One of the wires leading to the right earpiece is cut

Lost my headphones in the ground long time ago, it worked fine for a while with som tape. But finally one of the wires leading to the right earpiece got cut in half. How can I repair this wire?

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Block Image

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It’s a bit tricky to tell from the photo but you should be able to solder this connection back together again.

Soldering is relatively simple, but you’ll need a soldering iron, and some solder to do it. You’ll also want to cut back the wrapping on the wire as to make sure you can get a good amount of wire. As an alternative you could also buy a cheap wire connector and just splice the two sides together… this isn’t a great way to fix this issue though.

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