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Apple AirPods son auriculares inalámbricos lanzados en diciembre de 2016.

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Case not working. Only when charging

My airpods case does not light up when I open the case. But if a put a charger in the light flashes white really fast. And my airpods is on right now and I don't know how to turn they off. Because my case doesn't do anything

Plz help

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There may be a problem with your Airpods case then, and it probably can’t retain any charge, so, it only works when it is plugged in, when the energy is going purely into charging the airpods rather than charging the case.

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You need to replace the case in this situation. I had faced the same problem and as my airpods were not under warranty, i need to pay 1200 indian rupees for the same.

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