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The Apple Extended Keyboard is a USB-A extended keyboard with an aluminum body and a numeric keypad.

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Need Help Placing large zero key back.

Is there a walkthrough for the Apple Wired Aluminum keyboard extended model MB110LL/A to replace the large zero key on the 10-key number side? I have tried everything and cannot figure out how to put it back on. And strangely enough there is no tutorials or videos on the internet anywhere. I really don’t want to go to the apple store for them to reattach a key.

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Here’s a good site that offers the needed parts and the guides to put the key caps back on Aluminium USB Keyboard

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Thanks for your comment. I see where I can purchase parts but I do not see any tutorial in which to put the key back on. That is all I need since I already have the keys.

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Opps! They took the guide away.

Here's a Vid that should help you Removing apple mac keyboard keys

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