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La computadora de escritorio Macintosh original, inicialmente lanzada como "Apple Macintosh" en 1984.

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Floppy drive keeps ejecting disk

Hi, I tried to boot my Macintosh Fat Mac (upgraded from original 128K. I’m the original owner) and the system disk gets ejected after a a second or two. My Mac does chime when powered up. Its been several years since I booted this Mac but it worked fine last time using same system disk.

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The disk may have gone bad, try another boot disk. Use canned air to blow out the floppy drive.

What faces or notices are you getting on the screen?

Have the capacitors ever been replaced?

You can get a new boot disk here:

UPDATE 6/9/19

I have sent a few boards to MacCaps with excellent results. Slow but very good service.

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Hi & thanks for your reply. I can’t find another boot disk but will have to dig deep. When I startup the it chimes and shows a disk icon with a question mark. When I insert the startup disk it spins for a few seconds, then ejects but then shows an “X” instead of a “?” . I have not replace the caps

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Do you have the long Torx screwdriver to be able to open the case? If so examine the capacitors for swelling and/or leakage.

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Thanks for the link. I planned to get another startup disk and have just ordered that one. Hopefully that will get it running again. I bought mine soon after they were released including the Imagewriter printer and a numerical keypad. Soon after got am external drive too.

I also have a Macintosh TV which needs something fixed as it does not power up. I checked the fuse but that wasn’t it. It could need to be recapped, something I will look into. Any suggestions on a recapping service and or any other troubleshooting ? Thanks!

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See update to question, Please post another question on your Macintosh TV include the model number, please.

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