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The Portege Z830-S8302 is a laptop manufactured by Toshiba and was released late 2012. This Ultrabook is thin, sleek, and lightweight making it easily portable.

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Turns on but the screen in black

Someone please help, I have already contacted my tech guy and he said do a manual reset, or try Shift + F5 or Power Button + FN + F5 and Toshiba suggested pressing FN+ F2 thinking it was a brightness issue. I’ve heard all the advice about pulling out the battery but my battery is internal which would mean actually pulling the whole thing apart. I got this laptop through my scholarship and I don’t want to anything to harm the warranty on it.

But… when I plugged it into my TV everything works, I can see it on the TV, keyboard, sounds and lights but the laptop is still dim even though I've tried playing around with the display settings.

I’m just grateful I could back all my schoolwork up, as I do the majority of it on here. I can’t afford the 2 weeks or more I would have without my laptop while it is under repairs. I am half way through my HSC and it is my only means of reserch and internet access besides going to the library. (IN which I get 1/2hr after school before it closes, and I work on weekends).

I’m seriously desperate guys, if you have any solutions please answer.


A very stressed on school student -Bianca.

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See if you can update the drivers for your display adapter:

Plug your computer back into your TV to provide a screen. Access the Device Manager utility by typing devmgmt.msc into the Search box on your Taskbar and hit Enter. In the Device Manager window, find the Display adapters entry. Right-click your display adapter (“Intel UHD Graphics 620”, for example), and click Update driver.

Then restart your system.

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