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La tan esperada actualización de la popular MacBook Air, con procesadores Intel Core i5, una pantalla Retina actualizada y muchos otros cambios y actualizaciones. Lanzado el 7 de noviembre de 2018.

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4 % battery loss after 22 cycles


I bought my MacBook Air 13” Retina 2018 almost 2 months ago, and have now a total of 22 cycles. I always let it decharge to <20% before I recharge it to 100% and then unplug it - trying to have preserve the battery life as good as possible. But after just 22 cycles I have lost almost 4 % health.

Is it normal for the battery to loose a lot on the first cycles, or does this indicate a bad battery? Apple says its suppose to have 80 % left after 1000 cycles, but at this rate I will have 80 % at 100 cycles, or is this method of calculation far off?

I’m soon going to have the top case replaced because of a bad Butterfly keyboard, and should I then also complain about my battery? Or is my situation normal?

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How about running CoconutBattery and posting a snapshot so we can see its health Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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I have now uploaded the photo, but I don't think I says anything more than the text - as the info in the post is based on coconut.

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Actually it’s not as bad as you may assume. I get a lot of new batteries and I’d my average for a new one is about 95%. So I would keep an eye on it for a while and see if it continues dropping at the current rate before sweating it to much.

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