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El SanDisk Cruzer Glide es una unidad flash USB con un conector USB retráctil. Viene en una variedad de capacidades de almacenamiento con una caja de plástico negra y roja para todos los modelos.

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2nd partition not booting/no drive designation--SOLVED

I installed (not live) a Linux O.S. onto the 2nd partition of this flashdrive. It won’t boot and there’s no “drive” letter designation.(in MSWin it should be F.G, etc in GParted it should be sdb2/sdc/2) When I go to either Win disk mgmt. or GParted, the area for changing/adding a drive letter is grayed out.. The second partition is active, primary and set to “boot”. First partition is active and primary. What I want to accomplish is assigning a drive letter so (I believe ??) the comp will recognize the second partition and then, boot up.

[SanDisk Cruzer Glide 3.0/256Gb 1st partition; 200Gb (aprox 126Gb used) active, primary 2nd partition; 33.5 Gb (LM 19.1 uses 8Gb) primary, active w/ flag set to boot.]

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RE: tcagle53

Thank You for responding. I’ll answer your queries…”What created the two partitions you have ? “ GParted—-”what type filesystems are currently on each of the two partitions you have?” 1st-NTFS…2nd-.ext3. Now, I’ve ‘solved” the problem simply by deleting that second partition, using a fairly new 32Gb pendrive and installed the O.S. on it. NO, I did not resolve the 2nd partition’s not booting, nor have I acquired the reason/answer for that. I need to mark this thread solved, although I’ve not actually done that(??) I would like to discuss the “issue” I had with the pendrive, but think it prudent that discussion should be moved to I.M./P.M or email, due to there would be an awful lot of dialog that would be “out-of-the-realm” of this thread’s specific title. I’m sure what I set out to do is achievable, just haven’t figured it out…yet!


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Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like what you are trying to do is easily done with the tools described here: <--- linux based solution or <--- windows equivalent utility

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RE: tcagle53;

TY...yes I'm aware of the first link...I agree the second link's tutorial is probably what I need, however, I cannot use that method(s) for I cannot access the "administrative" rights @ Win8. The Win8 O.S. is "locked" by the place that I use it. Yup, just one more kick-in-the-crotch. IDK, there's just no good reasons for having all the difficulties I'm enduring, but yet, there they are. Latest failure; installed and ran LM 19.1X for 3 sessions before it crashed completely, then re-installed which was immediately fraught w/ severe lags and freezes. After about 6 hrs of trying to "tweak" it, I ended up deleting that install. I'm TRYING to figure this mess out, but as of right now, the correct answers/procedures allude me! Thanks for your help/links!!

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You will likely need to format that 2nd partition with a linux compatible file system in all probability. All sandisk sticks I have used come with a single FAT32 filesystems on them. I don’t think you can create a bootable linux image on such a filesystem. What created the two partitions you have ? Also what type filesystems are currently on each of the two partitions you have?

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